Samba Nashville is a Brazilian Samba Bateria based in Nashville, Tennessee. The group was founded in 2017 to bring the street sounds of Brazil to Middle Tennessee. Focusing on the Afro-Brazilian rhythms made popular by the Blocos in Salvador and the Carnival Samba of Rio de Janeiro, Samba Nashville brings a fun, energetic and unique experience to every performance. Each of the group’s members are professional musicians who are passionate about the music, energy, collaborative community, and history of Brazilian Samba.

About Samba

Samba is a style of music, dance, culture and way of life. Samba music in Brazil exists in many forms throughout the country. The most famous form of Samba is that of the Escolas de Samba in Rio de Janeiro. The Escolas de Samba, or Samba Schools, exist in the favelas of Rio and compete annually during Carnaval. The Bateria, or percussion ensemble, is the heartbeat of each School’s parade.

In Salvador, there are other styles of Samba that focus heavily on Samba’s West-African roots. The styles of Samba Reggae and Samba Afro from groups such as Bloco Olodum, Ile Aye, Timbalada and Escola Dida bring a syncopated, stripped down energy compared to their counter parts in Rio.